Everyone wants to save money. I have never heard someone say they would like to pay more for something. What is one great way to save money? Lowering your energy bill of course. Everyone has got one- wouldn’t it be nice to have a lower  energy bill and use your extra money on things you actually want to pay for? Better yet, wouldn’t it be awesome to save money on your energy bill AND help save the planet?! You would feel like a great person- a great person with a little extra dough in your pocket.

How can you feel this great?


Big what? How does that work?

By using big data devices to monitor your energy and also receive stats on your energy usage

you can see where you can use less and conserve more! 

We all like to think that we are doing all we can to help conserve energy and save the planet, but there is a lot of wasted energy we do not see. Through the use of Big Data analytics, energy companies can receive information on the amount of energy each household is using and send the consumer a usage report.  This report can highlight wasted energy and inform the consumer of better ways to conserve their energy. By informing the consumer of their wasted energy, they will be able to adapt their habits to reduce their energy use and also save some money on their bill.

Another way to reduce unnecessary energy use in the household is to install a thermostat that is connected to the internet such as the Nest. Nest is a “smart” thermostat that learns the habits of the household and adjusts the temperature to ensure optimal efficiency. For example, a family may like their house to be sixty-five degrees in the summer while they are home, but when everyone leaves for work and school for the day, does the air conditioning need to keep the house at sixty-five degrees? No, unless you think your couch will get too warm without it. This is where Nest would turn off the air conditioning for the day, saving energy and money, and then return the house to your preferred temperature shortly before you return home.

These big data devices like Nest are a great way to ensure you are conserving energy without having to do the work yourself. I’m sure it also does a great deal to lower your bills as well, only using energy sucking devices when they are most needed. America has a long ways to go and much to change before being recognized as an energy efficient country, but these are some simple changes the energy companies and average families can do to help the cause!