Is Big Data for Energy a Reality?

Ecova is buying Retroficiency. Ecova specializes in software and services to help large companies save energy or to help utilities launch programs that will help their customers reduce energy.

Ecova Buys Retroficiency: Is Big Data for Buildings Finally Taking Off?

Calling All Building Owners – Crunching Big Data Can Save Energy

Researchers tell us that, in the United States, 20 to 30 per cent of a building’s annual energy bill is wasted.

Building operators walk a thin line. Operating a building requires that a perfect balance be struck between heating, cooling and ventilation. It also requires repair and maintenance of all the equipment and systems that allow that delicate equilibrium to exist.


New Data Sensors Saving Millions

Duke Energy says new sensors and ‘big data’ save millions in plant repairs.

And it allows Duke to use data analytics for everything from scheduling routine maintenance — learning how to read actual wear and tear on equipment instead of relying on rough operational hour estimates for needed work — to anticipating problems rather than reacting to them.


Using Cheaper Batteries for the Power Grid and Buildings

Utilities can use batteries to make the grid more stable, and to avoid building new expensive and dirty power plants that they only operate during times of peak power demand.

Building owners are also interested in buying batteries so that they can run buildings off of battery power when electricity rates from the power grid are high. Building owners can lower their monthly energy bills by switching onto battery power periodically.

Tesla batteries to power office buildings in California


Use Big Data to make information transparent.There is still a significant amount of information that is not yet captured in digital form

As organizations create and store more transactional data in digital form,they collect more accurate and detailed performance information on everything.

How can you leverage Big Data?

How to Leverage Big Data

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