More and more parents are turning to the use of cannabis as a last saving hope for their kids with various diseases and disorders, typically involving severe seizures.

In this Ted Talk, Josh Stanley talks about his history with cannabis and how he and his family set our to grow a strain of marijuana that was low in THC (the compound causing the euphoric feelings), and high in CBD (the non-psychoactive compound).

CannabidiolĀ (CBD) has been proven to have anti-seizure, pain relieving, anticancer properties, and more. While a strain of cannabis extremely low in THC would not be targeted toward those looking for the psychoactive effects, it has the potential to help those in medical world immensely, regardless of age.

After countless hours of research and a finalized cannabis strain high in CBD, Josh Stanley has seen outstanding results with pediatric epilepsy. After even more research, Stanley expects to see results that could completely knock out pediatric epilepsy among other disease symptoms.

To learn more about the story of Josh Stanley, watch the full Ted Talk below.