“Help” is a British musical comedy-adventure film, starring The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison & Ringo Starr. After the international success of “A Hard Day’s Night,” this is also directed by Richard Lester. “Help” was meant to be a madcap extravaganza. Shot in exotic places, including The Austrian Alps, Stonehedge and the Bahamas. Fans around the world, welcomed the Beatles zany Marx Brothers-like adventures. Especially when there’s a damsel in distress. If you sensed the Fab Four were mocking a James Bond Film, you’re absolutely correct. Pick a stuffed animal,from the top row. We have vintage gifts and a prize for you. Read on!     My Forever Treasures celebrates the 53rd anniversary of “Help.” We’re parting with these United Artists “Help” souvenirs. They were ONLY given as gifts to those attending premiere night. This U.A. “Help” Whistle & Band Aid Dispenser wasn’t offered to the public. We xxx or clients and always want to “help” as well. The whistle should save you. If not, it’s time for your vintage Beatles “Help” Band Aid Dispenser. My Forever Treasures will help save your day.     These vintage “Help” treasures will have you remembering the film’s great soundtrack. Thank […]