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Ashley Ageloff – Certified Thermographic Technician

Breast thermography was discovered in 1956 in Montreal, Canada and rapidly became popular throughout the world. It was FDA cleared as an adjunctive screening procedure for breast cancer in 1982.

Recent advancements in technology have produced even more accurate exams.

A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Surgery, performed at New York Presbyterian Hospital Cornell, showed a 97% sensitivity in discriminating cancer compared to biopsy.

Breast/Full Body Thermography:

This state-of-the art screening procedure captures heat images of the breast to aid in the early detection of breast cancer, in some cases up to 10 years earlier than a mammogram, with absolutely NO RADIATION. Thermography can establish overall breast health and is an excellent test for assessing fibrocystic breasts and response to treatment.

A very important area of consideration is the neglected category of women under the age of 40. There are over 20,000 case of breast cancer in this age group each year in the USA. There is currently no routine screening test for women under 40, and thermography is a perfect test for these women as there is no radiation from the exam. Annual thermographic exams are recommended starting at 20 years of age.

Prevention through Thermography:

Thermography can be used as a whole body approach to wellness with the understanding that there is no “normal” asymmetrical heat in the body. Thermal cameras can detect heat on the skin surface that may show underlying pathologies. Thermography is an excellent tool to assess your health.

The Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT) educates doctors to understand test results. No referral is necessary for thermography testing.

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