Have you ever been witness to the couple that thinks it is ok to take a jab at each other in front of a crowd?

We have all seen it. For instance, a couple at a dinner party with friends is talking about the days when you use to have to pay for your internet service by the minute and how great it is now that you can use the internet for an unlimited amount of time each month. Then the wife chimes in, “That really is a good thing, you should have seen the size of our internet bill after John’s visits to Girls, Girls, Girls .com!”

Whoa! What? It is one of those comments that are supposed to be funny; however the entire room becomes quiet. The husband will turn several shades of red and all you can do is hope someone will change the conversation and fast!

If you asked the wife why she would say such a thing in front of everyone, she would probably reply that it was only a joke and that John knows she is joking.

But is it only a joke? What do you think of couples who jab at each other in public?

Do you think that it is funny or just plain mean?

Do you think that these couples purposely put each other down in front of others?

Or that they speak before they think?