The educational systems for our children are changing greatly! In the typical school today you will find a tablet for each student in grades as low as kindergarten! I could not believe my eyes when I saw five year old children searching Google for information on the animal they were writing about that day. When I was in Kindergarten my teacher was proud when I wrote my name within the given lines and now our children are becoming tech whizzes!

It is a huge step in our education system to provide our children with the technological skills they will most definitely need in the future. But as the material continues to revolutionize, how can the teachers keep ahead with the times?

Big Data.

It may seem hard to believe there is “big” data coming from the seat of an 8 year old, but now that tablets have taken the place of books and note pads, there is tons of data being produced. If our education system can provide teachers with the tools and training to collect the data produced by their students and analyze it, we will reach a whole other level of education.

With this access to information teachers will be able to track the minds of their students, what did they search first, how did they find their answer, where are they struggling. Data is a wonderful tool into the way an individual’s mind works. It can also point out the students who are struggling and shed light on another approach that might speak to them better.

With this sort of technology we will be able to transform the way students learn and better prepare them for the rapidly evolving society centered around the latest technology.