Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Tump is all over the medial.

Sure, Donald Trump is ahead in the “polls.” Does that mean he will win? Does that mean he is the most successful candidate? Are there other ways to measure his popularity (or demise)?

Big Data could discuss areas such as:

Facebook likes

Twitter followers

Quotes that are repurposed

Youtube views

Time spent on Youtube views

Mobile views

Backlinks to Trump’s web pages

Magazine covers

“Trump-isms” in common language

Trump word counts in the press

Geography of Trump views

Demographics of Trump Views

and many more indicators..

Also, are the polls true and sound? Are the same people being polled over and over again? If polling was an exact science, we wouldn’t need many pollsters, would we?

Big Data seeks to combine, slice and dice these various sources of information. Can Big Data help you do the same with your business?