Well, it’s official.  Thanks to CRISM (Compact Reconnaissance Imaging for Mars) Data, scientists have confirmed that the dusty, cold planet does actually contain real, flowing, liquid H2O. From Pluto, to Mars, scientists are making many new discoveries using modern data technology.

While we have been certain for years that water existed on Mars, it is so cold there that is has all been frozen. Early in the existence of Mars, it is likely that there were flowing rivers, lakes and even oceans. Today, because the average temperature on Mars is minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit, that water is obviously frozen. However, in the summer, near the equator, according to the Ny Times, it reach up to 70 degrees.

The scientists recently discovered streaks smeared across the steep slopes of Mars’ terrain. It appeared as though something was flowing down the mountain; like tears dribbling down one’s cheek. This led them to believe that some liquid water still existed on Mars.

Today, that was confirmed. They found water molecules within the rigid, crystal structure of perchlorate salts that were flowing down these steep slopes.

There next question? Where is the water coming from?