What the heck is this?

What is the difference between Relational DBMS and Network DBMS?

What are the four types of DBMS? What even is the difference between databases and data?

What exactly is SQL? How do you pronounce that?

And what really is “Big Data?”

These may just be some of the questions you have if you are entering the data world. There is a whole new language (literally) used to communicate in this world. It can all get very confusing, and there are not many resources to help us understand it. While I work with a great team of data scientists that were able to effectively explain everything to me, most people do not have this resources. And like me, you may find that you can read about this stuff for hours and still not quite wrap your head around it.

This however, is one of the few resources I found to be helpful, effective and tolerable. It is a short, 6 minute video that explains what some of the terms mean, and gives examples of them. It will answer all of the listed questions above.

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